New Jazz-CD „My Romance“

Wolfgang Mitschke

Jazz pianist and drummer Wolfgang Mitschke became known to a wider audience with the fusion jazz albums "Night Over Berlin" (in 2005) and "Midnight Moods" (in 2008) released on the jazz label SKIP-Records. On these albums Wolfgang Mitschke already knew how to use today's technical possibilities "single-handedly" with perfectly sampled sounds, playing the piano and the electric piano, the bass, the rhythm guitar, the strings and the drums so organically that a round sound picture was created.

In 2020 Wolfgang Mitschke changed to the world-famous NAXOS label and, after a longer creative artistic break, presented with "The Berlin Nightbirds" again a new jazz album. Music journalist Stefan Sell wrote about this album in June 2020 in the well-known music magazine "Crescendo": "Laid-back musicianship, completely relaxed and of great joy in playing is Wolfgang Mitschke's new CD The Berlin Nightbirds. Courageous to venture once again into the standards of the Great American Songbook's and to present them as cheerfully and effortlessly as the jazz pianist and drummer from Bonn does here (.......) In his crossover between jazz, pop, fusion and bar music, Mitschke has managed to create an integral Berlin night scenery worthy of a movie. The soundtrack of the summer, extremely likeable and endearing!"

With his CD "My Romance", which has now been re-released by NAXOS, Wolfgang Mitschke continues on the path he has taken with the active support of Jürgen Dietz, the experienced and playful tenor saxophonist from Bonn. In addition to very independently presented standards from the Great American Songbook, the album is given a very personal touch by several original compositions by Wolfgang Mitschke. But to the beginning of the new CD: Which jazz title can express Wolfgang Mitschke's love for the jazz genre more clearly than the first-class swinging title "There is no greater love"? This jazz title, which was first interpreted only as a ballad and later in medium tempo and in more recent times also frequently as an up tempo version, developed over time more and more into a classic jazz standard. Here Wolfgang Mitschke has recorded the title in up tempo and immediately pulled out all the stops of his skills. The "voicings" chosen for this title on the piano are simply a pleasure, so that one can listen to this title again and again. For the new CD the same holds true as for the previous NAXOS album "The Berlin Nightbirds": Wolfgang Mitschke's "piano lines" always seem charming and light-footed, which makes you want to listen.

Special mention should also be made of Wolfgang Mitschke's penchant for the "Electric Jazz" of the 80s, that exciting and irretrievable time in jazz. This has also been reflected on the new CD with a beautiful medley played on the Fender Rhodes piano, namely the "Back to the 80's Medley". And not to forget, of course, the lovingly orchestrated title "My Romance", here also simultaneously the title track of the new album, on which a charmingly old-fashioned sounding electric piano creates a good and relaxed mood.

Wolfgang Mitschke - Piano and Keyboards
Bass Programming and Drum Programming, Additional Keyboard Programming, additional Guitar Programming, additional String Programming by Wolfgang Mitschke

Jürgen Dietz - Tenor Saxofone

All titles played and arranged by Wolfgang Mitschke
Produced by Wolfgang Mitschke
Executive Producer: Christian Dieck

Special Thanks to Christoph Bette, Elmar Gillet, Bernd Krickel, Iwen Schmees, Christian Dieck, Marike Hasler and the whole team of NAXOS